What We Do

The worlds best UK Gaming podcast

Started in 2008 this podcast ended in 2019 and is now being reborn into something brand new. The focus is on the 360 degrees of gaming, what does this mean you may ask? This means that the show will encompass all forms of gaming, on every system and even include tabletop games from time to time. It is time to put the fan wars behind us and embrace gaming in every form, and unite as an amazing gaming community. 

How It Works

Subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast app and just listen in and if you can find the time, send us an email to (360GamerCast[at]Gmail.com) to read out on the show or say hi to us on Twitter or join our Facebook group. 

Looking to the Future

We welcome your feedback and will keep working to produce a fun filled show every week and to organise events for the community to meet up and have a beer or two.